Are Tatcha Products Really Worth the Hype?

Are some of the asian beauty products deserving all the hype around them? Are you paying for amazing quality or just buying into another successful. marketing campaign?

Of Failed Skincare Products…

I have never celebrated St. Valentines Day, but giving in into the whole holiday mood I want to talk…failed relationships.. with those skincare products that were not meant to be. This post is not only my critique, but also closure.

Nosy Issues

Got annoying blackheads? Learn what I do with those in my recent review of the Pig-Nose skincare line!

Kiss Me Tender or Are You Mistletoe Ready?

With winter winds and frosts cosy settled in, it’s time to take care of those lips! Don’t miss my review of EOS balms 😉 Make your lips mistletoe ready, aka kissable.

Power of the Sea…Salt

Wanna know how I cope with the crazy -30? I daydream about summer and scrub on! Tonight I am sharing my review of the Sea Salt scrub by Organik Botanik and some ocean dreams 😉

Skincare On-the-Go

What to bring on a winter weekend getaway, how to keep your lips smooch ready, and more in this new blog on skin care on the go!

Unmasking an Effective Skin Routine

What does an effective skin care routine entail and where to start? Hydration, anti-pollution, and power of the sea in this post review of the Biotherm Biosource gift pack.


Korean face masks are extremely popular these days. What to pay attention to when choosing one, and all the benefits of avocado in the first post!