Unmasking an Effective Skin Routine

This holiday gift set by Biotherm contains everything you need to keep your skin well-hydrated and firm through the winter!

With snow and steadily low temperatures in full effect, it’s time to talk winter skin care routine. Or skin care routine in general. Since I purchased this gorgeous gift set by Biotherm last month, I decided to combine my review of those pretty pastel containers with a step-by-step outline what an effective skin care routine looks like for me.

I remember those days when all it consisted of was a toner and a day cream. Oh, those glorious student days when that was all I could afford, yet my skin looked firm and glowing through it all! Now, officially in my 30s, I appreciate having a shelf full of different creams, essences, masks, patches, wraps etc. They all serve their purpose and all work to keep my skin looking if not younger than at least not older than what it actually is.

In my experience, a basic everyday routine should consist of at least 4 products:

  1. Gentle cleanser

fullsizeoutput_520.jpegStart your morning or night routine with this gentle cleansing cream for clean and hydrated skin. 

I love this cleanser for its great texture and the fact that it foams up a lot! A pea-sized amount of cream will be more than enough to clean your face of all the impurities without leaving your skin dry and flaky. I find it very effective in removing make-up at the end of the day as well (won’t work for water-proof mascara though!).The smell is light and pleasant. And all the products in this line are free of parabens and mineral oils. It is intended for dry and sensitive skin, and since I meet the description (thanks, mom!), I don’t know how well it would work for oily skin.

Sold separately, this find costs CAD $25.00 and can be purchased at most Canadian drug stores, department stores, like Hudson Bay, or online at www.biotherm.ca.

To continue pampering your skin, proceed to apply:

2. Toner

Toners take your skin care routine to the next level by reducing enlarged pores and eliminating excessive oils.

This watery lotion definitely made my skin looking brighter and smoother to the touch. I generally apply toners with a cotton pad (this way you don’t waste too much product). It claims to keep your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours, and I confirm that it does.

Whether you are wearing make up or not, toner is a must. It prepares your skin for what comes next. While first toners were mostly intended for people with oily skin and used to deepen that cleanse by removing oils and other impurities, toners these days have expanded their functions into moisturizing, restoring pH balance, and refreshing skin of all types. And this one even promises to keep the environment pollutants away, shielding your skin from their adverse effects.

Just like the cleanser, a 200 ml bottle will cost you CAD $25.00.

If you think that at this point you are ready to apply your daily or nightly cream, let me stop you. After the cleanse and toning, you skin is best prepared to absorb more nutrients. So why not pamper it even more by adding, in our case, essence. Alternatively, you could enhance your routine by introducing masking as your next step.

3. Essence

I find essence to deliver better and faster results mostly due to its more watery consistency.

If you’ve used serums before, adding essence into your skin care routine would have similar effects. I personally prefer essences to serums because of their light and more watery consistency. This specific essence with Life Plankton technology leaves my skin feeling refreshed and well-hydrated, unlike some of serums that made my skin either oily or sticky. There would be only one thing I’d like to see improved – its smell! I do find it heavy and lingering. But hey, small price to pay for a better looking skin, right? 😉 Remember to shake well before applying as plankton particles tend to form a residue on the bottom of the bottle.

I’ve got two 14 ml containers of the essence as samplers, and they do tend to last, depending on how you choose to apply it of course (still love my cotton pads!). A 125 ml bottle costs CAD $75.00.

Wondering why plankton is important for your skin? Head to Michelle Villett’s article, where she gives a more detailed overview of this Biotherm product.

Yes, yes, now you can apply cream! 🙂

4. Cream

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My first encounter with Biotherm happened last summer when I was looking for a light-weight alternative to my previous day cream. I was highly recommended to try the Aquasource Gel, and I loved how quickly it absorbed leaving my skin cool, refreshed and smooth. With dry summers in Alberta, it became a necessity that never failed to deliver the promised 48 hours of hydration.

I did find it too light for the winter though. So I came back to my local Shoppers Drugmart asking if they had a somewhat heavier and more nourishing cream from the series. And Voila! Aquasource Cocoon combines the quickly absorbing texture of a gel with the nourishment of a balm! My skin still feels fresh and hydrated within seconds after application, but at the same time it is better protected from cold winds and low temperatures.

A 50 ml jar goes for CAD $50.00 if bought separately.

Now, these 4 steps are the base of it, but by no means should your skin care routine be limited to these products only. I do include masks, sleeping packs, under-eye creams and other amazing products to enhance my skin’s health and appearance.

I find that gift sets like this one are a great starter kit for those who are not sure what products go together and in what order. They include a variety of products that generally complement each other, and give you an opportunity to try them all for a fraction of the cost. Never underestimate all the savings that come with holiday sets! The AQUASOURCE DRY SKIN HOLIDAY SET valued at CAD$ 92.00, goes for CAD$ 50.00 in Canadian drugstores, selected department stores and online.

Stay tuned for more reviews! And don’t forget to head to my Instagram account for this week’s giveaway!

Yours truly,




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