Of Failed Skincare Products…

With February 14th merely days away, it feels only timely to talk about relationships. I wish all of those were happy, strong and meant to be. Unfortunately, just like finding your one and only sometimes requires meeting a few not-so-great candidates along the way, so does discovering those products that work best for your skin. Today’s post I am dedicating to all those skin care products to which I must say goodbye, wish farewell and never try again.

Regret and bitterness aside, I do treat these unfortunate buys as a learning experience (staying positive and never losing hope). Yes, they may have not worked for me, but I wouldn’t know that if I didn’t buy those products in the first place. Yes, I will be paying more attention to the contents and not packaging (I will try… really try…). And yes, I will keep in mind my skin’s individual needs when going after another popular brand/product.

Without further ado…

Real Honey Sugar Topping Mask Glow by Skinfood

I wanted to love you and use you on a daily basis. I fell in love with the cute packaging and I fell for the promise of glowing and moisturized skin. If only all those promises were true.

I probably should have guessed that “honey” would not be just an ingredient, but also an indicator of the texture. The mask does look and feel like liquid honey…and  yes, it is somewhat sticky to the touch. If not for this mask, I would have never known that one thing I do not like on my face is honey or honey-like products.

20 minutes into this dreadful skin contact, I realized you were not one of those masks to be easily absorbed. You never did, in fact, leaving my face shiny and sticky  (never a good combination). Yet all that could have been overlooked and forgiven if only my skin felt and looked hydrated, plumped and nourished. Alas, it was disappointed, unchanged, disillusioned. We were not meant to be and I hope that you can really make it work with someone else.

And the final drop for me was the lingering somewhat chemical smell. Overall, with Skinfood products, I find it’s a hit and miss.

Moisture Trial Kit by Laneige

I was cautious and I am glad I got a trial run with you first before committing to full-sized relationship. You were one of those products that I kept seeing everywhere I went, Sephora, online retailers, Instagram. People seemed to adore you, they couldn’t get enough of you… but I am not sure at this point what to do with you.

I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. The initial few uses were good. Not great, not bad, just good. After a week or so, it seemed like there was no spark, no changes in the way my skin felt or looked. An unfortunate acne breakout a few days into sticking to these products and general feeling of disappointment took over later and I decided to give up. It is one of those classic “it’s not you, it’s me” scenarios. I just had too high of expectations that you could never meet. On a happy note, you seem to be having an ever-growing fan base. Just not this girl.

Juice Box Face Mask Trio by Organik Botanik Australia

The only reason I got you was because of the previous great experience I had with the brand’s scrub (see my earlier post on it). I did have my reservations as to the cream-based masks (such a difference after all those lightweight gel-like packs). Our relationship didn’t go beyond the first half-try. Half because I couldn’t stand the chemical smell (even though the contents claim to be all natural and plant-derived) and the nasty greasy feeling on my face.

The whole experience was too “clingy” to my liking. Washing you off wasn’t even an option, I had to scrub you off with a cloth first and then follow up with a deep cleanser. I still don’t know what the benefits of using you would be like. I do not believe it would get my skin moisturized as your substance is so heavy. Unfortunately, even though there are 3 different kinds of masks in the package, I won’t give another chance to the other two.

Ginger Sugar Lip Scrub

Have you ever had a rebound relationship? Just start seeing someone barely days after a break-up to make yourself feel better and distracted? If yes, you’ll understand where I am going with this. If no, don’t judge 🙂

I was always curious about lip scrubs, but had been having a long-term happy relationship with lip masks. They always did the trick for me. The day I ran out of those, I figured I could see what lip scrubs are all about. Bad move. You were an impulsive purchase when I should have done my research. You were greasy and smelled too strong. The scrubbing particles were not doing their job, in my opinion. And the worst part, you dried my lips and made them flaky! Now, who needs that?

On a good note, I went back to my usual lip masks in no time and now have a new level of appreciation for them, thanks to you.

Black Out Pore Peel Off Pack by Secret Key

Ok… what’s up with black peel off masks? First, all the hype on the net with people screaming their heads off when trying to literally rip you off; then to the next level of craziness of a whole-body-black-mask challenge/madness. You were surely intriguing. I even got into an argument with my husband saying that you couldn’t be that bad and painful (side note, I was right… as always).

You were my first Secret Key experience. Unfortunately, at this point I will give it some time before repurchasing anything of this brand. The general feeling of dissatisfaction is still too fresh. You were not easy to apply evenly. No matter what I used, finger tips, a special brush, it was a constant struggle. I did anticipate the life-sucking drying effect and was totally prepared for some pain before gain. What I wasn’t prepared for is… no effect whatsoever, except the aforementioned dryness and instant flakiness. My pores looked exactly the same though, and I wonder now if an overall painless experience has anything to do with your effectiveness. Maybe you are just not strong (read good) enough. Or maybe black masks were just not meant for my skin.

That’s all, Folks 🙂 My Valentine-Day-Inspired venting is over. And I would love to hear about your failed skincare relationships in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more!

Yours truly,



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  1. It is so nice to see a bad review of skin care products! I know that sounds weird saying that, but you see all these beauty people telling you how great a product is….but then wonder if it is really that great if they are getting paid to say it. I really appreciated the descriptions and honesty in your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Skinfluencer says:

      Aww… thank you 🙂 Well, one of the reasons I started my blog was to break away from the paid posts. And there’s nothing wrong with having negative experience with products. We are all different, especially when it comes to skincare 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. seaotta says:

    I love this idea of bad skincare product reviews — I just realized we always see posts about the people’s favorites but never the bad ones.

    Liked by 1 person

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