andLab Hyarucerin Deep Moisture Box… The best $25 I’ve spent so far

Hey Folks!

If  you were following my recent IG stories, you must have seen me bragging about this box. It’s time to report back on my andLab experience.

I got this box during a recent Jolse promotion, and you read it right: I paid $25 for it (plus shipping of course). Still, a hell of a deal given that the last time I checked, the box was on sale for $42.50. So what’s in it?

Honestly, for the size of the package the box came in, I expected more, and not in quantity, but in size. The box has 2 sheet ampoule masks, a large and a small Hyarucerin moisture cream (my wild guess is that the smaller package is your travel-friendly option;)),  a small tube of Salve Me Cream (resembles an ointment), and 3 samples (one of  the Hyarucerin cream, Xylitol mild sun gel, and Mela-Vita whitening cream). I wish they included their mist since the Jolse’s page advocates for its use along with the creams. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Can’t wait for the sunny summer days to give the sun gel a try!

The mask was the first product I tried, and since everything was written in Korean I had to go back to Jolse’s website for more instructions. If you are curious, check out their page for it tells you what to do with excess serum in mask packaging. I was shocked at the tip and have been following it ever since 😉 A detailed review of the mask is available here.

Now, as for the cream… Oh Em Gee! OMG! It is one of the best creams I’ve tried so far. The formula is light yet very hydrating. It is perfect for layering, and I’ve been using it along with the Saem’s Harakeke line with no greasy or heavy feeling left on my face.


Since our weather temperature moved into -30C for a while this winter, I was following the double layering of the moisture cream followed by the Salve Me cream and my skin has been looking plump and hydrated ever since the products have been put to use.

I am not going to bore you to death with the ingredients overview. You can find those on the same Jolse’s web page. What I’d like to share is a closer look at the texture of the products and skin’s overall appearance after their application.

The cream is nice and thick, but once applied it seems to melt into the skin. After having tried the Tatcha water cream, I must say that the andLab Hyarucerin moisture cream feels like a much cheaper alternative with similar effect (and lighter smell).


The Salve-me cream is slightly thicker in texture, but is perfect for layering! I even used it on its own as a night moisturizer, waking up to a visibly plumper skin. One thing that could be improved – its characteristic ointment smell. As light as it is, I’d rather it wasn’t there 🙂

Let me know if you’ve used any of the andLab products in the comments below! I am looking into expanding my experience with this brand and welcome all suggestions.

Yours truly,




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  1. Stacey says:

    I just started learning about Korean skincare and taking care of my skin.. I will definitely have to save this for my “try” list! Thanks for sharing!

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