About me

Welcome to Skinfluencer.ca, your weekly portion of reviews wholeheartedly dedicated to skin products. Be it a new Korean mask, well-known brand name toner, or gel-like cream, if I tried it – I will share my impressions with you. More so, I will be happy to share my favourite choices with you, so stay tuned for giveaways!

Please be assured, that my reviews are objective, honest and are not intended to promote any products and/or brands (unless there is an explicit disclaimer stating otherwise). The sole purpose of this blog is to provide my reading audience with accounts of first-hand experiences with various skin products in hopes it helps you decide either in favour of purchasing that mask/toner/cream/[insert your option here] or against it 🙂 And if you find my ramble not only informative, but also enjoyable, my mission is complete.

My name is Lena (aka Skin-Products-Aficionado) and I will be your Skinfluencer on the journey to healthy, pampered and glowing skin.